Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introduction to iZap

What is iZap?

iZap provides systems that automate and consolidate the reordering and replenishment of frequently used direct and indirect materials.  By utilizing a simple yet inventive barcode scanning technology and a patent-pending Internet-based transaction platform, iZap enables users to lower overall supply chain costs by reducing acquisitions costs through better inventory management.

iZap allows suppliers, end-user customers, salespeople, and delivery route managers to efficiently monitor and manage their supply relationships through our Internet-based transaction platform.  So, unlike traditional bar code scanner systems, on-site software and complex system integration is not required.

iZap also offers comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs including parts database set-up, barcode label printing, implementation and user training, technical support and system integration.

iZap Benefits:
  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Reduce Order Processing Costs
  • Save Time and Paperwork
  • Eliminate Ordering Errors
  • Implement Lean Manufacturing
  • Reduce On-Hand Inventory
  • Increase Turns
  • Increase Cash Flow
Please visit www.iZapweb.com for more information.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the New iZap Web Blog!

Please check this site often for updates, newsletters and other valuable content...

Through its distributor network, iPower provides a total business system and broad array of industrial products and services to customers implementing integrated supply and strategic sourcing programs. iPower has developed a unique Internet-based barcode scanning system called iZap where manufacturers can automate manual bin management programs.  Frequently, current bin management programs are plagued with errors, hidden costs, and a lack of accountability.  The iZap inventory management system solves these problems by eliminating order entry errors, manual invoices, and clumsy bin management processes.  To learn more or to set up an interactive demo please call 239-292-5401.

In addition you can visit us online at http://www.iZapweb.com/ or http://www.iPowerdg.com