Saturday, July 23, 2011

iZap Web FAQ's


What is iZap?
izap is a system designed to automate and improve vendor managed inventory programs for OEM suppliers and industrial distributors.  Common applications include "breadman" delivery route automation and remote order processing.

What are the applications for iZap?
izap's two most common application are "breadman" delivery route automation and remote order processing.  The "breadman", which is often a supplier's delivery route driver or field sales rep identifies items that need to be reordered and uses a barcode scanner to electronically reorder items at designated customer locations.  He then either fills the bills with his mobile stock or transmits the data from his scanner to the Sonic Chain server, initiating orders for multiple customers simultaneously.  In the case of remote entry, the customer scans barcodes  and transmits the order to the supplier. 

What are the benefits of iZap for suppliers?
iZap reduces order processing costs, minimizes purchasing time and paperwork, lowers on hand inventory, eliminates ordering errors, provides internet based management and reporting tools, and gives suppliers a competitive edge on the sales process.

How can I use iZap to increase product sales?
iZap can be used as a competitive advantage in the sales process by positioning it to your customers as a way to reduce order processing costs through automation.  Remote order entry users will make iZap the tool of choice making you the vendor of choice.

What do I get when I purchase iZap?
iZap is a subscription based service that includes secured, password protected access to iZap's internet based transaction platform.  The transaction platform provides the management tools, utilities and reporting features needed to establish item databases, print barcode labels, manage trading relationships, define communication protocols, send orders and receive order confirmation.  System implementation and set up assistance as well as ongoing support is available from the Sonic Chain customer service staff.  Appropriate iZap enabled barcode scanners, smart phone apps, or keychain scanners are also required and priced separately.  Barcode label printers, label supplies, and part storage systems are also available.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New iZap Web Facebook and Twitter Pages! See links below!

iZap Web is now live on Facebook and Twitter!  Please add these two additional sites to your favorites to check back for continued product updates and reviews!

As always, you can visit or contact 239-292-5401 for more information.